Short-Term Business Loans


Fast loans for businesses that need cash as soon as possible.

Your business’s cash flow won’t always be perfect. Sometimes you’ll run low and that’s when you’ll feel the most pressure to act fast. A normal business loan is more suitable for larger amounts of capital, but they can take weeks to apply for. When urgency is a priority, a short-term business loan could be your best move.


What exactly is a short-term loan?

Short-term business loans are designed to be paid out right away so that you can settle the costs your business faces right now. Unlike a typical business loan that might span over the course of several years, short-term loans are better for business owners that want to repay the debt within the coming months.

With our short-term business loans in Australia, we do everything we can to make our charges and interest rates as clear as possible for you. Where other companies might believe in adding penalties and hidden charges, we like to have a far more upfront approach so that you’re 100% informed before you make your decision. This is how we believe things should be done and we’re not afraid to say it!

Here are some of the prime applications of short-term loans for thriving businesses:


Bolster your cash flow

Your business depends on a regular supply of working capital to get by on a daily basis. There are a wealth of factors that can impact this cash flow, which in turn is likely to delay and damage your operations. When your cash funds are running low, you can’t afford to wait around. If other loan options are further limited by your credit history, you’ll be quite a pinch. This is where an immediate injection of cash can become a life saver.

Just because these short-term business arrangements can be processed and paid out within hours, this doesn’t mean the loan has to be paid back as soon as possible. You can have a loan term that stretches over the coming 12 months if this kind of timeframe suits you better.


Buy new stock

If your business revolves around the trading of stock, the speed and convenience of these unsecured business loans can prove vital. See an opportunity you can’t ignore? Jump on it by having the funds in your account exactly when you need them.  

Delays in customer payments, unpredictable spikes in orders, and damage to old stock can all put you in a position where you’ll need to refresh your supply very quickly. Because our application process has been refined to be as simple and easy to complete as possible, you can react quickly when stock is an issue.


Bridge the gap between payments from customers

Payments from invoices aren’t always paid right away. When your business is suffering from a gap between payments, cash can be drained rapidly. We understand that small businesses depend on steady access to cash for all kinds of running costs. When other lines of credit are refusing you or would take too long, a short-term loan is still an option.   


Renovate or increase business space

Want to grow but don’t want to wait? We don’t blame you! Finding the perfect premises for your business can take time and patience. When the right opportunity comes along, you’ll need access to cash immediately so that you can jump at the chance to expand.


What criteria is necessary to be eligible?

Our criteria is very simple at Cigno Business Solutions. We need your business to have been operating for over 6 months already and generating $5000 dollars in revenue monthly. You also need to be a registered as an Australian business which means we’ll need to see your ABN or ACN when you apply. Once we have your application, the rest of the loan process is very simple. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. We take your personal details and check out your documents.
  2. We get back to you within hours with a loan offer.
  3. If you agree with the terms in the offer, you can sign the agreement and send it back to us.


That’s it! We’ll then get to work on processing your loan amount direct to your bank account as quickly as we can. Usually we can make the payment within 24 hours of your application being approved. This kind of speed is impossible when you apply for long-term business loans.

Whether you’ve been operating your business for decades, or you’re still building it up, we know that speed and practicality play a huge role in your success. Our short-term solutions are engineered to provide you the support you need when you need it most.