Cigno Loans

Choose to use Cigno Business’ premium service which includes fast processing and approval, same* and next day deposits, payment reminders, direct debit facilities, management and facilitation of the entire process from start to finish.

Gold-Silver Standard Finance

Choose to deal directly with GSSF. This process includes a manual upload of application form, 2 weeks processing time and if approved you will receive a cheque in the mail which can then take a further 2 business days to clear. This is the cheapest option however can take some time to receive your funds.

For further information regarding both options, please see our Disclosures and Authorisations

*Although we try to offer our Same Day Deposit service to everyone, we are limited by the facilities provided by your financial institution. If we cannot facilitate a Same Day Deposit, the funds will be in your account on the morning of the following working day.