Complaints & Dispute Resolution Policy

The Cigno Business Solutions Complaints & Dispute Resolution Policy is in place to ensure that Cigno Business Solutions staff and agents who have customer contact are capable of recognising when a borrower is making a complaint and understand how complaints are to be handled and/or referred.

It is the mission of Cigno Business Solutions’ Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) department to ensure that all borrower disputes are handled adequately internally.


Company culture

Cigno Business Solutions believes that the customer’s needs come first. It is expected that all staff act with customer service in mind at all times. Prejudice or discrimination is not acceptable and results in large reprimands as per employee contracts.

Customer concerns must be treated with respect and answered to the best of the staff member’s ability. If a concern cannot be answered, the customer must be referred to a manager or the IDR Department.

Cigno Business Solutions has an open door policy. If a customer so requests it, the customer can speak to any member of the company from staff right through to the General Manager. This value is considered core to the business and what sets Cigno Business Solutions apart from other businesses.


Annual review

A responsible manager, executive or third party consultant will review this document annually. The review will ensure continuing compliance with applicable laws, the requirements of any licence issued to our business and relevant industry standards. The review will also ensure the guidance remains applicable to our business and continues to achieve its purpose.


General procedures

Complainants can:
Email the IDR department at:
Fax the IDR department a letter at: 1300 66 14 15
Mail the complaint addressed to:
 The IDR Department
, Cigno Business Solutions, 
PO Box 3362, Australia Fair, Southport, QLD, 4215
Phone the IDR department on: (07) 5644 3500
Use the complaints link in the Member Portal

If a complainant has chosen to email, fax or write to us with a complaint, the complainant will receive an acknowledgement so that the complainant has confirmation that we have received the complaint.

The IDR department will handle the complaint and will advise if any further information is needed. The IDR department will liaise with managers and staff and if appropriate, determine a fair remedy.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, response to the complaint will be received within 15 working days of receipt of the initial complaint.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint within 15 working days we will inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay specify a date when a decision can be reasonably expected.