How can a business loan from Cigno Business Solutions help you?

Most popular questions

We provide fast loans that can help your business with anything from purchases to debt management. With Cigno Business Solutions, you won’t have to wait weeks for your funds to arrive or endure a long application process. You can apply for one of our business loans online and have the funds paid into your account within 2 hours*.

Whether you want to chase an opportunity for growth or need to settle some urgent costs, Cigno Business Solutions is here to ensure you receive the immediate support your business needs.

We can provide business loans up to $10,000.

We only provide loans to business owners who can afford the repayments. From professional services to tradesman, street vendors, fitness instructors and cleaners — the list is endless. All you need is a registered ABN and 90-day bank statement to complete our application.

Our simple rate structure doesn’t have any hidden fees or sneaky charges. Loans from BHF Solutions Pty Ltd once finalised have a fixed, one-off non-interest charge of $15.  The fee is charged on the day that you take the loan and is paid as part of your repayment schedule. Extra fees and charges are applicable if you choose to use Cigno Business Solution’s services.

We’ll make sure you receive a very simple loan schedule with repayments and timings to suit your needs.

One of the main reasons banks take so long to process loans is because they are usually secured. Secured loans use property or assets that you own as collateral. Our loans are not secured. At Cigno Business Solutions, we don’t need to look at your credit score and we don’t use any of your assets as collateral. This allows us to provide much faster loans with far less fuss.

The application process

We don’t need much at all. We take some personal details and need to see a 90-day bank statement proving your ability to repay the loan amount. We also need to see your ABN.
We look at your business activity to make a responsible decision on how much we can lend you. We’ll then send you an offer that breaks this down and shows you clearly how much you’ll need to pay over the term of the loan.
We don’t have to check your credit score or history. Our approach allows us to provide loans to anyone with a strong business that needs fast delivery.
We don’t offer personal loans to consumers; we only offer loans for business purposes. So we ask the reason for your loan in the process to be sure that the funds will be used to support your business. We also use this information to inform our business practices. The more we know about you, our client, the better we can tailor our services to you and others.
Once we have assessed your business information, we will then send you a loan agreement, which you can sign and send back to us online without needing to print anything. Once you have signed and sent the loan agreement document back to us, you will have entered into a legally binding loan contract.

The loan and repayments

The only cost to your loan is the interest rate we charge. Where other vendors might sneak in fees and hidden charges wherever they can, we don’t believe in that style of business.Our loans have no fees for receiving the payout, no fees for paying early and no fixed fees for any loan amount. You’ll get the exact amount of money you request, and will only have to make the repayments as shown in your repayment schedule. It’s as simple as that.
We look at your business activity to make a responsible decision on how much we can lend you. We’ll then send you an offer that breaks this down and shows you clearly how much you’ll need to pay over the term of the loan.
We won’t send you a bill, we’ll send notifications by text and email to make sure you’re aware of your next scheduled payment. We take payments by direct debit so you don’t have to worry about issuing payments manually.
We usually schedule repayments every two weeks. The payment will be consistent so you’ll know exactly how much is leaving your account each time.
Yes, you certainly can! We don’t apply any penalties for early repayments.

At Cigno Business Solutions, we like to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible. If you see a charge in your bill that you don’t agree with, contact us to see if we can clear things up for you. Our friendly team will guide you through your agreement and charges as well as amend any issues that are found with your account.


Contact us right away if you wish to make any changes to your account. Alternatively, you can log in to your customer account and make changes there.

It certainly is! We collect and store all personal data in accordance with the Commonwealth Government’s new Privacy Act. You’re welcome to get in touch if you want to find out more.

We like to handle all of our operations as responsibly as possible. By law, we are required to confirm your identity before we take applications further. This can be processed online or you can send us your government issued ID if you wish to complete this section offline. Having your ID checked through our online application is the much faster option, so if speed is your priority, our online process is the way to go.

We need this information to complete our assessment of your financial circumstances. We’re committed to making our lending decisions as sensibly as we can. With access to your latest 90-day bank account statement, we’ll be able to loan you an amount of money we deem appropriate for your needs.