Cash Flow Loans for Small Businesses


Is your business running low on cash for daily expenses? At Cigno Business Solutions, we understand how important it is for businesses of all sizes to keep a healthy stream of accessible cash to cover urgent costs. Our cash flow loans for small businesses are designed to get you the funding you need without delay.


How fast can we process an unsecured business loan?

In some situations, time is a top concern. That’s why we’ve developed a streamlined application process that enables payouts in double quick time. In most cases, we can have the funds paid out to your account within 24 hours of your application being approved. Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re running a medium size company, when you need an injection of working capital in a flash, we’ve got you covered.


What can these cash flow loans be used for?

Our cash flow loans are intended for any urgent cost that keep your business going and progressing. From paying for necessary repairs to funding great opportunities, having access to the level of cash you need to help your business survive or grow is crucial. Here are some of the most common ways that many of our customers use their cash flow loans:


Buying stock

If you run a business that deals in stock and inventory, cash flow is crucial. If you run low on cash, your business can be completely disrupted. Keep things ticking over by accessing the funds you need to keep your most valuable stock coming in as needed.  


Paying for instant repairs

Whether you need repairs to your property or any business vehicles, when you have significant damage to vital operational assets, you’ll need cash as soon as possible to get things back to perfect working order.


To increase staff or business space

Looking to expand but don’t have the capital? Our small business loans can help you recruit the workforce you need to get things going. From taking on one or two more workers to hiring larger work space, such moves are impossible without a reliable cash flow loan designed with speed and practicality in mind.


Paying for marketing projects

No small business can grow quickly without an effective marketing strategy in place. When you want things to get cracking and don’t have the spare cash to run the projects you’ve got your eyes on, Cigno Business Solutions is more than ready to support you.  


To exploit other business opportunities

Sometimes the best opportunities arise when we’re not quite in a position to exploit them to the max, that’s business. Come across a chance that can’t wait? Apply for the exact amount of cash you need to seize the moment as you see fit. With the right level of cash flow at your side, your business can grow exactly when and how it deserves to.


Flexible terms

We have a far more open-minded approach compared to bank lenders. Where other loan providers might turn you down, we’ll consider your needs more closely. We offer terms from 1 – 12 months to suit you and will always provide offers that fit in comfortably with your circumstances. We don’t have strict rules on how you use your loan like many other companies do so you have the freedom to pursuit the actions that you think are best for your business.   


No hidden fees

We don’t like hidden information, especially fees and charges. We don’t believe this is how it should be done so we avoid hiding any charges in every solution we offer. You’ll receive a full and simple breakdown of your loan terms in your offer including all costs layed out clear as day. The terms and conditions of your loan will also be clearly outlined, so that you know exactly where you stand before you make your decision.  


Applications don’t impact your credit score

Your business and personal credit scores will remain essential as your business continues to grow into the future. Most forms of credit will hurt your ratings if you are refused. Our loans don’t work this way, so you can be sure your credit rating remains untouched even if we are forced to reject your application for any reason.


No need for security or assets

Our cash flow loans for small business are unsecured. This means we don’t need you to put up any form of deposit or asset as collateral. Having to offer security might not be so hard for larger businesses that own several valuable assets, but for small businesses, security can be a huge barrier to funding. We want to help thriving businesses that really need support, including those that have been let down by banks and other loan providers.  

Think this sounds like the best move for your enterprise?

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be glad to answer any other questions you might have.